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Meistarklasē uzzini:

Kas Tevi attur no brīvas un piepildītas dzīves?

Mēs visi pieļaujam kļūdas, tomēr no dažām Tu vari veiksmīgi izvairīties. Es Tev pastāstīšu par 7 kļūdām, ko mūsu sabiedrība, tā vietā, lai parādītu, kā šīs kļūdas nepieļaut, ir pieņēmusi par normu. Tikai apzinoties tās un izprotot to rašanās cēloni, Tu varēsi tās mainīt un nenodot nākamajām paaudzēm!

Kā uzlabot savas attiecības ar naudu?

Tas, ko Tu domā par naudu, nosaka Tavu finansiālo stāvokli. Es Tev došu uzdevumus, kas palīdzēs Tev izprast un uzlabot savas attiecības ar naudu, kā arī atvērs Tavas acis un sirdi jaunām iespējām!

An 8-week program to prove that you CAN live an abundant life.

Transform your money mindset and start living your dream life now!

Kas es esmu?

Liene Uresina ir transformāciju un biznesa sasniegumu trenere, hipnoterapeite, uzņēmēja un autore, kura jau vairāk nekā 16 gadu garumā palīdz klientiem rast risinājumus, idejas un pārliecību, lai pārvarētu jebkuru izaicinājumu, piepildītu savu aicinājumu un atstātu savu nospiedumu pasaulē! Lienes degsme un apņēmība iedvesmojusi jau desmitiem tūkstošu cilvēku, taču viņa neapstājas pie sasniegtā - Lienes misija ir mainīt 1 000 000 cilvēku dzīves!

In the past, I would have answered yes to all these questions.

But I found a way out (and so can you).

Growing up, I saw my mother working very hard to make ends meet. For a long time, I followed in her footsteps. Lunchtime at work meant unpacking a humble meal from home, always turning down invitations to eat out, as my budget whispered "no." I only bought clothes on sale and chose the cheapest dishes in restaurants. Every day, I felt anxious because of finances.

To get where I am today, I had to start using my mind differently. I began to learn, read, and gather information to form a new relationship with money. 

Today, money isn't a source of stress for me anymore. I know what it takes to switch from scarcity to abundance in all areas of life. 

My younger self would never have believed that one day, my life would look like this:

  • I lead a successful business, working only 20 hours a week.

  • My clients are well-established, high-net-worth international clients.

  • I'm friends and acquaintances with many successful people around the world.

  • I spend more time with my family than at work. I have a loving and fulfilling relationship with my husband and our children.

  • I travel as much as I want. I’m able to show my mother the wonders of the world she could only dream of showing me.

  • I can buy nice things, choosing what I really like, not just what’s cheap. I eat good food, wear beautiful clothes, and live in a comfortable home.

  • Moreover, it gives me peace knowing that I can care for my family through thick and thin.

And it keeps getting better! 

Using the same methods I teach others, my dreams come true incredibly fast! Here are some things I've achieved just this past year:

  • I spoke at several international events, including CLO Mindvalley in Dubai and Tallinn

  • I hosted Marisa Peer at a local conference.

  • I partnered with inspiring world-renowned brands

  • I successfully published my book in two languages

  • We sold our house without a hassle and moved into our dream home with big windows

  • Our kids each have their own room.

  • I visited four different countries with my family.

What kind of life do YOU dream of? Let me show you how you can achieve it.

I feel more confident and open — my views on what I can do have changed. I have sorted out my relationship with money - I am no longer afraid of it.

- Santa

The Wealth Formula in Eight Weeks

Week 1:

Manifest Money in 9 Steps

  • Discover proven steps for quick money manifestation.

  • Uncover common mindset mistakes and how to change them.

  • Learn effective wealth affirmations.

Week 2:

 Break Down Subconscious Barriers

  • Understand money's energy.

  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.

  • Gratitude vs. settling: learn the importance of wanting more.

Week 3:

Enhance Your Money Energy Literacy

  • Identify actions that decrease energetic frequency.

  • Shift your subconscious towards a positive money relationship.

  • Increase your value for long-term wealth.

Week 4:

Uncover Secrets to Boost Self-Confidence

  • Discover a version of yourself that quickly manifests what you want.

  • Build your self-confidence.

  • Rewrite your story to reflect your worth and dreams.

Week 5:

Apply Laws of Manifesting Abundance

  • Spot opportunities to earn more.

  • Rethink your approach to money to attract it effortlessly.

  • Develop a healthy relationship with money.

Week 6:

Use Your Inner Strength and Intuition

  • Overcome excuses and take action.

  • Find inner strength to make tangible steps.

  • Trust in your worth and intuition under any circumstances.

Week 7:

Detect Manipulation and Control

  • Identify and resist manipulation tactics.

  • Master the art of saying no.

  • Break free from toxic environments.

Week 8:

Understand the Laws of the Universe

  • Learn and apply the laws of the universe.

  • Spot and interpret signs and symbols.

  • Embrace letting go of control.

My dream came true in 6 hours - I created my own yoga studio! I wake up every morning with new ideas, exciting dreams, and newfound joy.

- Anna

These will be eight intensive weeks during which I’ll give you all the tools to attract wealth, but it will be up to you to SHOW UP and take in EVERYTHING.

When you apply for the program, here’s what you’ll get:

4 LIVE Q&A sessions

8 recordings of transformative lectures and practical exercises

4 bonus lecture recordings


16 meditation recordings


Telegram support group

Accountability partner

Digital self-programming diary


100 Things to Do Before the End of Your Life workbook

and other bonuses!

Suddenly, new collaborations are emerging. I finally have the opportunity to buy what I have been looking for.

- Caroline

About Me

I'm Liene, an entrepreneur, business results coach, and your guide on this journey. Although I have a background in entrepreneurship and coaching, I want you to know that my goal here isn't to teach you about starting your own online business or convince you to leave your current job. My approach is different.

You might be surprised to learn that many people in prestigious and well-paying positions struggle with managing money. They can't pay off debts despite earning six figures because money comes and goes just as quickly. Often, they feel drained and burnt out. Why is that? Because money isn't just numbers; it's energy.

I'm here to teach you how to control this energy and make it work for you, enriching your life materially and spiritually. With over 16 years of experience, I’ve helped thousands of clients overcome challenges, find solutions, and fulfill their purpose.

I invite you – to take control of your life, join this transformative program, and begin a life in abundance. 

No matter where in your journey you are right now, I promise that wealth and abundance are available to you.

Transform your money mindset and start living your dream life now!


  • 8 transformational lectures:

    (VALUE - 4000$)

    9 Steps to Wealth Manifestation

    The System for Dismantling Subconscious Obstacles

    Money Energy Mastery

    Secrets for Building Bulletproof Confidence

    Natural Laws of Prosperity Manifestation

    Inner Strength and Intuition Mastery

    Tricks for Resisting Manipulation and Outside Control

    Laws of the Universe

  • 4 LIVE Q&A sessions (VALUE - 4000$)

  • Opportunity to get support from me and the rest of the participants in our Telegram chat (INVALUABLE)

  • Your accountability partner (INVALUABLE)

  • Access to materials 4 weeks after the end of the course


Standard price: 1998$



Are you not ready for that commitment right now?

It’s ok. Split payments are also possible.

548$ x 2 payments

* TOTAL 1096$

398$ x 3 payments

*TOTAL 1194$


Everything in the basic Wealth Formula package (VALUE - 8000$)


  • LIVE breathwork session (VALUE - 249$)

  • LECTURE about Human design (VALUE - 197$)

  • LECTURE about family (VALUE - 197$)

  • Self-programming LECTURE (VALUE - 197$)

  • DIGITAL DAILY GUIDE for self-programming (VALUE - 137$)

  • DREAM MANIFESTO - step by step guide to a perfect vision board (VALUE - 98$)

  • 16 bonus meditation recordings (VALUE: 3200$)*

  • Access to materials 4 months after the end of the course

TOTAL VALUE - 14075$

Standard price: 2998$



Are you not ready for that commitment right now?

It’s ok. Split payments are also possible.

1048$ x 2 payments

* TOTAL 2096$

698$ x 3 payments

*TOTAL 2094$


I get it. You might have tried other programs that didn’t help. And although this sounds exciting, it’s normal to feel some hesitation.  Here’s what – if in 2 weeks you realize this is not working for you, I guarantee to give you your money back. You’ll just have to prove that you have participated in the lectures and completed the assignments.

Countless “FROM ZERO TO HERO” Stories

My students started with close to nothing, dragged down by an invisible force of low-vibrating energy. When they joined my community, they smashed their limiting beliefs and began LIVING!

"I went on a solo-trip as a mom of 3 children."

I have achieved my dream of solo-traveling, even though I once thought it was mission-impossible, because I am a mom of 3, I don't work for a living and and so on.

I was approached on LinkedIn by a company who offered me a freelance position. I accepted and everything is great! I'm enjoying my solo-travel and the company has no problem with me being remote.

My relationship with my daughter is improving every day.

My energy level is going up every day and when it's down - I don't overreact, don't beat myself down - I relax and accept it. I live through it and move on.

My relationship with my husband is next-Ievel. Without pathos. Seriously!

"As you listen to her you become clear and calm and peaceful with a sense of purpose."

We had the privilege to have Liene as a Key Note Speaker at the Everything HR Conference 2023 in Brasov, Romania, and to say she motivated and impacted the audience would be an understatement. She is the kind of speaker that stays with you for months to come after you hear her story. Her vulnerability, personality, and authenticity reached each and every person in the audience. She delivered one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard and not only did it touch my heart but I felt like she was transforming people’s lives. As you listen to her you become clear and calm and peaceful with a sense of purpose. I would recommend Liene to any entrepreneur, team, or company that wants a different perspective on life and business and needs guidance with mentoring and coaching programs. Also if you need an inspirational Key Note Speaker, search no more, she is the ONE! Thank you, Liene for sharing your story, looking forward to collaborating with you in the future!

Laura Dragne

Director Of Communications | Building Brands, Driving Growth

"I have a big house, a successful business, and more money than ever."

When I started working with her a year ago, I was in a rut – afraid of success, money, and change (although I desperately wanted all three). Now I have more money than I’ve ever had, our business has taken off, and I’m a much happier, more confident person. 

Like the most transformative things in life, I probably would have backed out if I’d found out what it involved before I committed to it, but I’m so glad I took the plunge. So is my family.

We now have a big house, money in the bank, and a future that’s looking full of opportunity and abundance. It was always there inside me, but Liene knew how to find it and set it free. The fear is gone. We are now working towards unlimited and sustainable success.

Alex Lodge

Founder, Music Supervisor, Sustainable Audio Production Specialist || Director - Thirty Two Music

"We're close to reaching 7 figures this year!"

Liene has a profound ability to understand the needs of her clients and confront their fears. Her empathetic and strategic approach enabled our businesses to effectively transition from operational management to visionary leadership. She gave us guidance to introduce a clear structure and organized system in our business. 

Thanks to her, we have achieved remarkable growth, evolving from modest living-room beginnings to a globally recognized brand with a strong community, international cooperation, and clients all around the world. And we are getting closer to reaching 7 figures this year!

Agnese Kazāka

Bussiness owner | For Lovers and Trees

"She will help you get out of the rut."

I have been seeking a business coach forever and have followed Tony Robbins for 20+ years. So the obvious choice was Liene. She is also a working mom who helps women reach their true potential in business So inspiring and so motivational. She will help you get out of the rut, she's a miracle to work with.

Sarah Barker

Owner at SSB Franchise Consulting

"Her powerful insights on life and business programs were truly eye-opening and thought-provoking."

I had the pleasure of having Liene as one of the main keynote speakers on the stage of our conference Everything HR by Great People Inside, 2023 edition, the most prestigious HR conference in Romania and an impactful event in the East-European region. And I must say, it was an extraordinary experience that left me feeling incredibly motivated and inspired. Her powerful insights on life and business programs were truly eye-opening and thought-provoking. Her ability to connect with the audience and engage them on a deeply personal level was truly remarkable. Apart from being an excellent speaker, she is also a skilled mentor and coach who has touched many lives with her compassionate and insightful guidance. I would highly recommend Liene to anyone who is looking to be inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential in life and business.

Doru Dima, PhD

Fondator Great People Inside, CPO GPI International and Member of International Board

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